spotting trends


Ursus on the rise?

Ursus is a Polish producer of tractors. The company has recently started to produce electric buses, which were recently ordered by a few Polish cities. The buses really nicely fit into the Polish government programme of promoting Polish industry, innovation and clean transportation. One of the buses was presented  at a recent tweet-up with the Polish […]

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DB turbulence on horizon

Mot likely the worries over Deutsche Bank will not subside anytime soon, so I would be cautious with respect to exposure in stocks. There may be much better bargains ahead.

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Small-cap stocks up, big ones down

While small- and medium-capitalisation stocks are close to their 9-year highs (the blue candle chart), large-cap stocks are at an 8-year low. This is because most large-cap stocks in Poland are state-controlled companies, which the government uses to purse its policy goal that most of the time are hurting stock valuation. This includes pushing energy […]

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Trend reversal in Eko Export stock

After a long down-trend caused by the slump in oil prices and delays to its major investment project, Eko Export has finally bounced. In one month the stock gained over 50 percent after the company said it is finally launching its coal ash microspeheres production facility in Kazakhstan. The microspheres are used in the oil […]

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